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Stolichnaya vodka is Russian no more

Stolichnaya vodka is Russian no more

The big-name brand of SPI Group owned by Yuri Shefler is Stolichnaya vodka which is now offered to customers without the term Russian vodka previously used. The company had to completely abandon the designation of Russian origin of vodka as the Russian authority claimed.

In April 2010 in accordance with one of the regulatory organization exports of Russian vodka in bulk was banned. This directly affected the brand Stolichnaya as before the ban the company SPI Group produced vodka in Russian factories and after that delivered to Latvia where an alcoholic beverage were bottled. SPI Group was trying to challenge several times in court the decision of Russian authorities which introduces amendments to the national standard. However the court finally sided with the state agency, the site of RBC Daily informs.

It is reported that before the adoption of the above mentioned amendment the federal state-owned enterprise "Sojuzplodoimport" and company "Russian standard" have attempted to ban vodka called "Russian", but the actions taken were not successful. Now the conflict associated with the right to use the term Russian vodka, resolved in favor of the SPI Group competitor.

However the company SPI Group was prepared for such an outcome of litigation in advanced. It is reported that in the summer of 2010 the distributor of the Stolichnaya vodka in the United States filed an application at the U.S. bureau of alcohol and tobacco for trademark registration with a new label. Unlike the old one the new version retains all recognizable graphic elements, but there are no signs indicating the origin, i.e. Russian Vodka and Imported Russian Vodka. On the new label the word Russian was replaced with a premium, and in the column of origin was listed Latvia, instead of Russia, which was written there before.

Market experts believe that the forced abandonment of the Russian roots of vodka will lead to significant losses by the SPI Group, as their main competitor in the U.S. market - "Russian Standard" - reserved the right to mention the Russian origin of vodka.

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