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2010 Report: Dairy Industry in Kenya

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This report offers a thorough picture of dairy industry in Kenya, including data on the leading manufacturing and trading companies as well as export and import trade figures over the past three years.

If you…
- hold talks with dairy producers in Kenya as potential suppliers, customers, contractors, investors or lenders; or
- plan to enter dairy market of Kenya

…this industry report will allow you…

- to come up with an objective assessment of the situation in dairy industry of Kenya
- to choose the most promising market and region to expand your business
- to avoid wrong direction when developing your business and investing funds
- to understand the reasons behind your partners’ position in negotiations, their weaknesses and strengths, as well as their actual capabilities and potential

Report contents

The report’s first two chapters present the baseline information about economic situation in Kenya, i.e. its population, resources, current economic and political trends, key macroeconomic factors, etc.

The third chapter deals with establishing and developing business in Kenya:
- business launching and shutting down procedures
- taxation
- labor legislation
- registration and protection of ownership rights
- procedures and documents to gain construction permits
- foreign trade regulations
- banks’ loan policy and services for business
- debt recovery, efficiency of the court system and judicial decisions execution

The fourth chapter deals with the current situation in dairy industry of Kenya and also includes data on the industry’s key manufacturing and trading companies as well as export and import trade figures over the past three years.

This industry report also includes economy and business news digest of Kenya.

This industry profile is a half-ready report and provided within 3 to 5 days from the order date.
We have all necessary data in our databases, partners network all over the world and hundreds of already prepared industry reports. But we need 3-5 days to complete it.

During this time we are also updating the report FOR FREE to reflect the most current situation in the industry and in the country, particularly giving special attention to the influence of global economic crisis. So, you can get up-to-date version for the same price.

This industry report will be useful for marketing and sales officers, foreign trade specialists, and persons responsible for enterprise-level decisions, i.e. companies’ management, shareholders and investors (representatives of investment, banking and financial institutions interacting with dairy producers in Kenya).

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